Monday, November 7, 2016

In the book

The framework/scaffold of this residency already begins to sit comfortably with me.

Working in my notebooks has always been a vital part of my creative life. Since childhood keeping a notebook has been my way of making the physical world and my responses to it more vivid. There is both discipline and liberation in this commitment to documenting on a regular basis a moment or experience.  My notebooks have increasingly become sensory delights containing expressive studies and inventions, objects in themselves. Now, inspired by my notebook practice, my work is moving in new directions.
Sandra Brownlee

The book offers a forgiving entry and exit point, I am able to work in fractured moments
as duty calls
as child calls
as the washing calls
as the stove calls



  1. the good stuff. i was (and am still, though they are grown) a sole parent of three wonderful children. the work i do now is the result of small seeds sown in odd moments, sometimes together with them, sometimes when they were doing something else... and then bigger, messier work when they were sleeping. like putting pennies in a piggybank, everything counts. and it adds up.

  2. Indeed, a timely reminder that I do have a bank of such seeds. Dormant for some time a few beginning to surface and unfurl now. So much easier for them to do so without the self flagellation of 'you're not doing...' It does count - all of it. Thank you x