Monday, June 21, 2010


Yesterday my lovely bloke and I cleared out my annexe which I have been using as a studio space.  Using very ineffectually I must admit.  There was a little track through to the door of the van and enough room on a small work surface to put a chopping board.  This is where I had been sculpting.  I was looking through the flyscreen thinking this has to change.  Of course it was very simple in the end.  Move everything out and start again.  Bloke had a great idea of using oil drums to support the old bunk bed I took out of the van to use as a work surface.  So now I have lots of room for all my bits and bobs!  I am ecstatically happy and have spent alot of time just sitting in there.

Still cluttered but that's just my style.

And a spot for treasures.

This is the Red Queen so far - better get a riggle on.  There has been quite a steep learning curve here but I am quite happy so far considering it is my first attempt at sculpting with airdry clay.  I am bumbling through the process of attaching the limbs with wire - I want them to be moveable.  Getting to sleep at night has become difficult - I fear my life is being taken over by dolls!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Head

Here is my first airdry clay head, no sanding or finishing touches yet.  It's funny this is the head that comes out whenever I muck about with clay.  There is something a little sinister about it.  I shall have to feminise it somehow, I have decided to do the Queen of Hearts as my ADO challenge doll, so sinister is ok but this head has a little ways to go yet! 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to avoid making dolls!!

Having said that I'm only working part-time (therefore having lots of time to do the things I want to do but don't because of lack of time) a heap of work came along to keep me from doing things.  I can't say no.  What a shame!  I have been struck down with a terrible sinus infection for the last few weeks as well.  Boo hoo and lots of pain.
I am beginning to suspect it has nothing at all to do with lack of time.  There is an existential crisis in there somewhere.
Anyway this girl is nearly finished, this is the first time I sculpted a face.  I was very happy with it until I got impatient and coloured in her face all clunky style with inappropriate materials. Smudged the eyebrows all over the joint.  I should have waited until I got some fineline pens - anyway she is brash!
I am looking forward to my next voyage into using paperclay.  Hopefully doing the ADO challenge will help me not to avoid making dolls!