Friday, December 31, 2010

Indigo Part ll

Here is Indigo finished! My response to the ADO Masters Challenge.
I looked to Japan for inspiration.
Indigo's body and clothing are made from vintage indigo and silk kimono pieces.


Indigo - for the ADO Masters Challenge.  Not quite finished but this is my  interpretation of the challenge a small long limbed one made from vintage indigo kimono pieces.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

... and then they were gone!!

My poor finger tips are full of needle pricks and aching, but the girls are done.  I of course took it right down to the line, being a very well practised procrastinator and delivered the girls to the gallery a day late, but still on time.  I even managed to start reading a novel whilst finishing them - why??  I'm still in the process of trying to accept that perhaps I really enjoy working under pressure and hey if it's not there then create some myself. 
Anyway I digress - here they are.  I love them!!




Beatrice and Penelope, she has the plaits!