Sunday, October 14, 2012


I'm hooked, it's on its way. 

And I'd love to drag out the old Minolta - but it has been so long and I have become accustomed to the immediacy of the digital point and shoot.  Not that long surely - hell I took that camera to Vietnam in 2000, seemed quite normal to have film. So I am researching digital SLR's and will be purchasing shortly.  Tomorrow I return to school and I am happy to do so - not so long ago I was not. I have had a quantum shift these holidays - yes sudden and significant!  I am re-framing my thoughts on teaching.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crow Planet

There are a lot of crows on the farm, usually I dread them at lambing time.  They seem to lurk around new borns, waiting for the boon of fresh placenta.  I sometimes wonder if there is something more sinister and that they wait for an opportunity to pluck the eyes of said newborns - I am yet to witness this.  They do however have a merry feast over dead lambs.  For this reason I began to loathe them where before I hadn't. Oh, they also very cannily spy out the chickens fresh laid eggs and nab them if I'm not quick.  Bloke went on a bit of a crow rampage at one point and we dubbed him the crow cowboy.  But now I'm not so sure that my venom is warranted.  I enjoyed reading this and did take the time to check on a fledgling crow squatting quite calmly and naively on the drive eying me as keenly as I eyed it - all was fine.  The other day I spotted a pair ripping up old carpet presumably for nest building purposes. Perhaps a more considered Naturalist in the making, in the looking.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Woodmans

The Woodmans -SBS On Demand

Quite a riveting and tragic view - Francesca Woodman was unknown to me until I watched this.  I could get lost in her images for a while I think.