Monday, November 14, 2016


 I have found an incredible sense of freedom and play in using the notebook.  It is without expectation or plan but the burblings of my inner dialogue do seem to be finding their way out.

 I have begun some bodies. Taken a step outside of the book and it is here that my time will enter the warp.  Seems so much more difficult to grab the moments but perhaps that is just psychological and I should reframe the objects on my work table as a 3D notebook which I am also just as easily able to dip in and out of.

And sidetracked by this wee figure which has been lounging about for quite a while now.  I really feel the need to complete it.  I have begun to stuff my figures with wool, it feels so much nicer to both stuff and hold.  My only worry is the wool.  It is raw wool that I have washed but not combed and while this is working well for my purposes of stuffing I can't guarantee it is free from the odd seed, dirt and poo.  I wonder if this would be a bio issue if I were to ever give away, exhibit or sell any work particularly overseas.  I shall investigate.

Monday, November 7, 2016

In the book

The framework/scaffold of this residency already begins to sit comfortably with me.

Working in my notebooks has always been a vital part of my creative life. Since childhood keeping a notebook has been my way of making the physical world and my responses to it more vivid. There is both discipline and liberation in this commitment to documenting on a regular basis a moment or experience.  My notebooks have increasingly become sensory delights containing expressive studies and inventions, objects in themselves. Now, inspired by my notebook practice, my work is moving in new directions.
Sandra Brownlee

The book offers a forgiving entry and exit point, I am able to work in fractured moments
as duty calls
as child calls
as the washing calls
as the stove calls


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

To Begin

To begin, to simply show up and begin. 
Sandra Brownlee suggests just that. 
A timely reminder for me and sage advice I took from her workshop 'Tactile Notebooks' but haven't quite implemented yet.

Here is my beginning:

In common with all new parents, the birth of my first child in March 2015 changed many things in my life. My identity and perception of time became blurred and fractured by the overwhelming and relentless needs of care and domesticity. As I surface from this I begin to see ironically that motherhood offers me time and a framework to work within.

I will undergo this 3 month self-imposed artist residency in order to fully experience and explore the fragmented focus, nap-length studio time, limited movement and resources and general upheaval that parenthood brings and allow it to shape the direction of my work, rather than try to work “despite” it.

I do this publicly because I struggle with procrastination, commitment and accountability. 
We shall see.