Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thanks Akira!!

Wow, it's been a hugely long hiatus from blogging but I am still here.  I've recently returned from a five day work shop hosted by FibresWest with the legendary Akira Blount.  I am speechless with gratitude at being able to attend this workshop.  I had become somewhat stuck with the dolls I was working on - just couldn't get past the limbs!!  I've also had my personal time severely reduced by my return to full time work in May. The dolls have suffered enormously as a result.  The opportunity to spend a whole week on a lovely campus in Bunbury having all of my domestic needs taken care of and being able to doll from 7am to 9pm was an invaluable boost to my soul.  Not to mention some profound self reflections on my future directions - enough of that though, needs a little more manifesting.  Here are some pics of the girl I completed during the workshop.  It was so wonderful to meet other enthusiastic doll artists, making dolls is usually done in solitude it was a nice change to work in such a social atmosphere - sharing ideas, tips and tricks.