Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sometimes Bloke brings me treasures!

When he is out and about in the paddocks!
We are often lucky enough to play host to a small flock of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos.

And here is a treasure of a different sort. 
A wee bag that India Flint taught us how to make at the workshop in Nelson.
It is Japanese and translates to 'horn bag'.

This one is made from a tiny scrap of stiff silk dipped in a left over pot with iron in it.  
Very rustic but I had to convince myself I was still able to make it.  So confusedly complex in its simplicity I had to unpick the one I made at the workshop to figure it out - made my head hurt.


  1. that feather is just amazing, what are the birds like...will google it and have a look...just love them

    1. Click on Red-tailed Joy it will lead you to Wicki. They're pretty lovely!

  2. red tailed black cockies are also very useful tree pruners - i once stood patiently under a tree in the Grampians while the little dears rained a shower of [otherwise unreachable] eucalyptus twigs on me.
    made a very fine red dye with my accidental harvest...

    1. Oh they are aren't they, there is always a carpet of debris under the trees they love.

  3. That is a treasure indeed! I still think that feathers on the ground are gifts from faeries. You can't ever stop believing! ;) That bag is wonderfully earthy. It was worth the unpicking. ;)