Monday, February 11, 2013

Setting foot on my birth land

I have run out of my 'this times last week' already! Back full swing in the tumult of small lives - classroom style. 
But I did take a whim as far as it would go, perusing the blog of India Flint (as I often do and recommend) and finding a workshop in WA - alas was full.  I spied one also in Nelson New Zealand and all I could think was - Why not!  
And not many cons followed not even from bloke.  
Why not indeed - so less than one week later I found myself in the beautiful Lud Valley, Nelson New Zealand.
I say 'follow your whim see where it will go'.
For I had a marvelous and magical five days (and some more), filled with the utmost of self indulgence (because I feel that is what I'm all about this year).  Which really is simply just doing what I want to do - duh!
And met many magnificent women at the lovely home of Judy Keylock and family, ate magnificent lunches and sighed and dyed.

India Flint tending the cauldrons.

Beautiful, strong and purposeful hands.

A pot of eucalyptus.

Unfurling treasures.

Stay tuned for I shall reflect some more.


  1. I'm so glad you followed your whim - it was a joy to meet you!!

    1. Thanks India, a joy for me also - now to follow the rest of my whims!!

  2. this time a month ago !!!!!!!xxx
    Hugs from 'the Lud"

    1. I know... I'm still eating the ginger nuts though.

    2. you are a treasure, fancy making them last that long. Today Noah (grandson) came for awhile and he discovered the Gingernut container and he had a grand old time helping himself...another addicted

  3. My goodness, that looks amazing! Good for you! I luv NZ. :)