Monday, June 21, 2010


Yesterday my lovely bloke and I cleared out my annexe which I have been using as a studio space.  Using very ineffectually I must admit.  There was a little track through to the door of the van and enough room on a small work surface to put a chopping board.  This is where I had been sculpting.  I was looking through the flyscreen thinking this has to change.  Of course it was very simple in the end.  Move everything out and start again.  Bloke had a great idea of using oil drums to support the old bunk bed I took out of the van to use as a work surface.  So now I have lots of room for all my bits and bobs!  I am ecstatically happy and have spent alot of time just sitting in there.

Still cluttered but that's just my style.

And a spot for treasures.

This is the Red Queen so far - better get a riggle on.  There has been quite a steep learning curve here but I am quite happy so far considering it is my first attempt at sculpting with airdry clay.  I am bumbling through the process of attaching the limbs with wire - I want them to be moveable.  Getting to sleep at night has become difficult - I fear my life is being taken over by dolls!


  1. It looks great you must be very pleased. happy sculpting. love jan

  2. Hi K,
    thinking of you heaps - lov your Anne.