Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to avoid making dolls!!

Having said that I'm only working part-time (therefore having lots of time to do the things I want to do but don't because of lack of time) a heap of work came along to keep me from doing things.  I can't say no.  What a shame!  I have been struck down with a terrible sinus infection for the last few weeks as well.  Boo hoo and lots of pain.
I am beginning to suspect it has nothing at all to do with lack of time.  There is an existential crisis in there somewhere.
Anyway this girl is nearly finished, this is the first time I sculpted a face.  I was very happy with it until I got impatient and coloured in her face all clunky style with inappropriate materials. Smudged the eyebrows all over the joint.  I should have waited until I got some fineline pens - anyway she is brash!
I am looking forward to my next voyage into using paperclay.  Hopefully doing the ADO challenge will help me not to avoid making dolls!


  1. I hope you are feeling better. Don't let work or anything else stop you from making dools and, if you really don't care for your lovely ladies face give her a quick coat of paint and start over!

  2. Thankyou, I hadn't thought of painting the face over. I got some pigment pens and cleaned it up a bit. Back on track now, starting on the airdry clay.

  3. Hi Lady K,
    just a quick note to tell u I have started my own blog! you can see it at
    please tell your friends and followers about it. Are you coming down for the weekend? it would be lovely to see u :)
    cheers, Dishpan.