Monday, May 3, 2010

Chasing the moon

So last night I thought I would take some magnificent shots of the moon rising up through the twisted branches of the tree. I set out before sunset and had myself all sorted well in advance of moonrise. The sun set, the waiting became tiresome and the plaintive sound of lost lambs trying to find their mothers became very distracting. I feel the need to save errant lambs! Alas the moon was not forthcoming, well it was but I couldn't see it for the clouds duh. I shall try again next month.

We went for a walk around the place yesterday afternoon and found many treasures including these amazing seed pods. The shells of departed moths erupting from the soil. A funny looking fungi on a tree and some lovely nooks on a towering lemon scented gum. Imagine all of this just walking down the driveway - truly blessed.

Finally, I did manage to start on making hands with fingers, many hands later I came up with this one. I still don't have a pair, certainly an exercise in patience.


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