Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today I have carted many litres of water to save the tree that has become my muse. It was a beautiful thing, dead and fallen in the middle of a paddock. A perfect spot for contemplation, branches offering a comfortable seat after a short and easy climb. It possessed, I suppose still does a stark and melancholic beauty that makes my heart sing. I am ash covered, lungs full up with smoke but I have managed to save its long reaching arms, the trunk is a white pile of ash. Not to worry this tragedy will inspire much.

These are my first dolls. I have been wanting to make dolls for a long time but full time work is such an inconvenience to the creative process. My head is free from the worry of other peoples children so I shall now be able to concentrate on constructing my own. Their hands are a bit large and ungainly, I am attempting fingers on the next one.

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