Sunday, October 14, 2012


I'm hooked, it's on its way. 

And I'd love to drag out the old Minolta - but it has been so long and I have become accustomed to the immediacy of the digital point and shoot.  Not that long surely - hell I took that camera to Vietnam in 2000, seemed quite normal to have film. So I am researching digital SLR's and will be purchasing shortly.  Tomorrow I return to school and I am happy to do so - not so long ago I was not. I have had a quantum shift these holidays - yes sudden and significant!  I am re-framing my thoughts on teaching.


  1. Ooooh fantastic! Her work seriously piqued my curiosity too. I know, I know, times change so quickly! I love what can be done with digital images though...I'm an editing junkie! Good luck camera hunting. I hope school is rewarding and fun!

  2. i quite like the challenge of shooting images with my iPhone, essentially a glorified pocket pinhole camera...

    1. I reckon I will base my next purchase of phone on its camera.