Saturday, June 4, 2011

Arabel and the loss of time!

Oh such slow progress on all the things I apparently love to do yet have the greatest capacity to avoid!  Here is Arabel finished - she was for the ADO Forest Folk challenge.  Queen of all the dark and murky realms rarely seen by human eyes. 

I have mentioned before that I am a teacher and before my move to the farm I taught full time.  Since my move I've been unable to secure a position at the local school where I wanted to work - until now!!  I am back in the classsroom full time with a year 3/4 class.  This is such a mixed blessing whilst I am sooo excited to not travel such large distances to work (previously commuting to the city) and weekly seperation from my bloke  not to mention a fabulous group of kids and great colleagues. I now find that my head is again filled with other peoples children and not my own art work or doll making.  Perhaps this is my problem and not one solely associated with the nature of full time teaching.  I fear either because it means my time and head space are fairly full.  So I shall think that any new girls will be few and far between from here on in.  I'll continue to subdue the small part of my mind scolding me for not taking further opportunities to create when I wasn't working.


  1. Congratulations on the teaching position. Yes a job outside of the studio does tend to take time and space away from the art. However, what you do in the classroom will fill young minds and possibly shape them for art.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Nicole. You are right and it is a wonderful thing to watch them "get it"!!

  3. I only found your site today and now you're going to be scarce. I've enjoyed seeing what you have posted and will be keeping watch for any new posts. Congratulations on the teaching position.