Sunday, February 20, 2011

OWOH Winner - oops very late sorry!!

So sorry, it's very late to announce my winner, our demolished farm got in the way a bit. 
Congratulations to Judy from A New York Magpie's Eye, Penelope shall be on her way when she knows where to go.
Thankyou so much to all of the wonderful visitors and all the lovely comments you left.  It came at a very good time as our farm was devastated by a storm on the 31st Jan. Whenever I got the generator going and hopped online I was greeted by such encouraging comments.  Unfortunately I was unable to visit many blogs but once we get the power on properly I shall peruse back through the comments and come visiting!!


  1. Hi there loving looking at ur dolls would love to start making some but finding it hard to work out a style unique to me. I lived out bush for a while thats a tough life at times! Well tough for me as altho australian was brought up in england so therefore am a bit of a woos.Art doll based on bush characters might be fun! Thanks for the interesting read!

  2. I love these doll creations - you must come and share them at the Web of Whimsy - join in the mix here: