Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Acres of brown and WIP's

We are in the full flight of summer though the weather here has been behaving rather strangely.  A day of 40 degrees celsius with hot driving winds followed by two days of downpour with the temp dropping to 20.  Needless to stay it has wreaked havoc on the drying of some new girls and I am not looking forward to the humidity to follow as it heats back up to the high 30's.  So we are indeed surrounded by acres of brown that challenge my perceptions of beauty so much.  Bloke and I went for a walk accompanied as always by the funny black dog and sat in one such brown paddock for a while.  It is beautiful and if you sit for long enough the sheep forget you as threat and wander closer until a movement scatters them again.  This is hard to do accompanied by the funny black dog who is always on duty and so very hard to photograph especially when there are sheep around.  She is always wanting to organise them somewhere!!

We live a few kilometres out of town and on the morning after the big rain I happened upon this red balloon, imagining where it could possibly have come from. 

Even though I am on holidays and these shortly to end I have endeavoured to be productive, these are the clay girls I am currently working on.  I am having a mighty difficult time with feet however, they are my least favourite part.  Sometimes I think, stick a piece of dowel up them dress them in long skirts and be done with it. These dolls will all be in my Etsy shop shortly - weather permitting (with the clay anyway).  One of my holiday goals was to finally put something in the shop, one week left.  It will be achieved!!

I so enjoyed making Indigo that I have started another - Indigo ll and a couple more using the same pattern, they are smaller than the usual cloth dolls that I make.

One more week of sleeping in drinking a leisurely coffee looking out at acres of brown.  As always though I am looking forward to returning to the classroom, three days a week this year and two for dolls - yay!!


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