Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finishing dolls and the art of procrastination!

I'm not alone in this I'm sure.  Procrastination being a well practised skill that many possess.  What dumbfounds me however is the ease with which it's practised over things that are supposedly enjoyed.  Like finishing dolls for example.  Anyway I shall ponder this further. Finally I have finished the red head, I must cut myself some slack being a beginner and all.  She is my second airdry clay doll.  I am so excited by all of her imperfections as now I know what not to do next time. I have a couple of heads on the go and will be doing a wire armature for the bodies of these with clay hands and feet.

This one has been alot of fun, I started making her for my mothers birthday - that was on the 3rd of September, she will be receiving it tomorrow - oops!!  Better late than never hey!  I loved dressing her up and revel in finally being able to find a use for all the magnificent but small pieces of silk I have collected over the years.  Her shoes have been needle felted straight onto her feet.  Brainwave by a friend as I was just going to paint them on - Thanks B.  She is also holding a small needle felted heart. 

So well done to me there are a couple more girls to have left the work table.  On to the next volunteer.


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