Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Doll

I'm so very excited!!  In Australia I was unable to easily find creative paperclay so I used another airdry clay for my first doll the Red Queen in the ADO challenge.  It was somewhat fiddly to work with but I am quite familiar with working with kiln fired clay so didn't think too much of it.  I ended up in a world of pain however, because as it dried it cracked, became brittle and wouldn't accept new clay for mending.  I destroyed the body in a fit of rage and ended up doing a cloth body instead.  I have since found an online shop in Australia that has creative paperclay and I received my first little expensive package, but am I ever thankful!!  It is sooo much better.  So here is my next little lady, not even nearly finished but on her way.

I had started out wanting a thin, lithe and willowy body, but my hands kept adding more so now she is a buxom lass.

My mother has recently returned from her annual holiday to Bali and brought back this fabulous doll.  Made by street kids, money raised from the sales helps the kids out.

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  1. I find working with paper clay to be a bit tricky so congrats on being able to work with it! I have several package of ladoll sitting here waiting to be used, but for now I'll stick with polymer:) That is a sweet doll your mom brought back and for such a worthy cause:)

    Hope you have a wonderfully creative week!